Jr. Software Engineer

Job Description

A Junior Software Engineer is an entry-level position for college graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or an equivalent course. The primary purpose of a Junior Software Engineer is to learn by doing. He/she will assist a project team in completing tasks and meeting sprint targets. 

During the career of a Junior Software Engineer, he/she will learn all the necessary tools used in the development of software, write code in an Agile Methodology. The goal of a junior is to become an effective member of the software development team as a team player and problem solver.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent
  2. Has Stable Internet Connection
  3. Knowledge of basic programming and computer science concepts
  4. Creative problem solving skills
  5. Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  6. Ability to travel if necessary


  1. Assist project team in completing targets for Sprints. 
  2. Learn the tools and skills necessary to become a software engineer.
  3. Learn and apply principles like KISS and DRY.
  4. Write readable and maintainable code. 
  5. Fix issues in the code. 
  6. Give estimates on tasks.
  7. Attend necessary meetings.

Requirements for Regularization

Probationary Junior Software Engineer must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Complete the course from Open Source Society University, Intro CS: Introduction to CS Tools 
    • The Missing Semester of Your CS Education: 2 Week, 12 hours/week

Complete any free online Course on Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and Javascript and Node.js.

  1. 6 Sprints as a FRONTEND developer, where the team scored higher than 8. Roughly 3 months if done consistently.
  2. 6 Sprints as a BACKEND developer, where the team scored higher than 8. Roughly 3 months if done consistently.
  3. 6 Pair Programming Sessions
  4. Give 2 brown bag sessions
  5. Recommendation from Peers, and Project Manager.

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