Software Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for experienced software engineers with the desire to improve and build software systems. The software engineer will work alongside other engineers to build, test, and stabilize software systems while keeping the code readable and maintainable. 

The candidate must possess the following traits: 

  • Motivated – has high drive to complete objectives
  • Independent – can solve problems on their own but knows he/she is part of a team. 
  • Problem Solver – can find solutions and knows when to ask questions.
  • Tactical – can see possible problems ahead and find ways to weave through them. 
  • Reliable – is consistent in delivery and open in communication


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Equivalent
  2. Minimum 2 years experience in software development
  3. Knows how to use GIT and other software development tools. 
  4. Experience in JS, Node.js, Vue.js, MongoDB is a plus.
  5. Has Stable Internet Connection
  6. Knowledge of basic programming and computer science concepts
  7. Creative problem solving skills
  8. Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  9. Ability to travel if necessary


  1. Assist project team in completing targets for Sprints. 
  2. Learn the tools and skills necessary to become a software engineer.
  3. Learn and apply principles like KISS and DRY.
  4. Write code that other engineers can easily read and maintain.  
  5. When fixing issues, the software engineer is expected to leave the code better than when he/she found it. No band-aid fixes.
  6. Write tests and necessary automations that ensure stability of the code base. 
  7. Give estimates on tasks and come up with tactics. 
  8. Initiate discussions when a better approach can be applied.
  9. Attend necessary meetings

Requirements for Regularization

Probationary Software Engineer must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Complete the course from Open Source Society University, Intro CS: Introduction to CS Tools 
  2. 12 Sprints where the team scored higher than 8. Roughly 6 months if done consistently.
  3. 6 Pair Programming Sessions
  4. Recommendation from Peers, and Project Manager.

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